Jolly Phonics Interactive Whiteboard version 4

Jolly Phonics Interactive Whiteboard


Everything you need to teach Jolly Phonics on the whiteboard. Please note, schools that are members of SPELD SA may purchase the Jolly Phonics Interactive Whiteboard for 15% off the original price. Member schools please fax your order to 8364 5751 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  • This product is no longer available as a physical product on discs it is now only available as a download.
  • Available in pre-cursive and print versions at the time of download.
  • You will receive a uniquely coded certificate once you have paid for the product. The school can then use the code when they download their product.

There is an upgrade for people who have purchased version 3 through the following link. Upgrades can only be purchased through Jolly Learning for a limitied time.

System Requirements for version 4:

Windows PC:

  • Microsoft® Windows 10, Windows Server 2008
  • 2.33Ghz or faster x86-compatible processor, or Intel® AtomTM 1.6Ghz or faster processor for notebook class devices


  •  OS X®/macOS® 10.10 – 10.15
  •  Intel CoreTM Duo 1.83Ghz or faster processor

For both Mac and Windows:

  • A minimum 512MB of RAM
  • You must have Administrator/Privileged Access Rights to install this software
  • An Internet connection is required for installation and activation.

The software provides a full and extensive year’s programme for teaching Jolly Phonics thoroughly on an interactive whiteboard. It enables teachers to deliver lessons in a fun and engaging way to children using a wide variety of activities for whole class and individual use. With all the resources a teacher requires at a touch of a button, the programme is fun and easy to use.

Structured daily sessions for teaching each of the letter sounds, letter formation, blending, identifying sounds in words, tricky words and alternative spellings of vowels. Handy step by step teacher’s notes are available for every session. These can either be viewed on screen or printed if required.

Interactive lessons with lots of blending, spelling and writing practice, ideal for whole class or independent use. Audio option for hearing the letter sounds, Jolly Jingles and Jolly Songs. Lots of printable worksheets, templates and games that can be used in class to reinforce the teaching. These can also be given as homework for the child. Suitable for use on Easiteach, Promethian, Smart and other whiteboards.

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