Fresh Start - Anthologies - Volume 5



Read Write Inc. Fresh Start offers older primary and lower secondary children, who have not made progress in their reading, a second chance to catch up and become fluent readers.

Fresh Start Anthologies contain a variety of lively non-fiction, poetry and fiction texts, including quizzes, play scripts, and comic strips to motivate students to read for pleasure. They can be used alongside the Fresh Start Modules, or to supplement other reading programmes.

Anthologies Volume 5 contains 10 texts

21 A. A fanfare for Monio and Oojilet

21 B.Once upon a love match

22 A. Ask Shirley ...

22 B. Many happy returns Sunburst!

23 A. A spell in space

23 B. They came from outer space!

24 A. Do it!

24 B. Shark for sale

25 A. Left alone to die - The story of Alexander Selkirk

25 B. Extreme survival

Volume 5 can be used alongside the Fresh Start Modules 21-25 which links five more texts, or to supplement other reading programmes.

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