Writeboards® - home kit



Writeboards® enables your child to write or trace on a clear reusable board with a whiteboard marker, and also paint with water colour paints.

The Writeboard Kit includes:

  • One A4 Writeboard.
  • Two whiteboard markers.
  • One magnetic whiteboard eraser.
  • One storage tin (which doubles as a lap table).
  • Four free e-book downloads to use with the Writeboard (worth $99.96).

Writeboards has a choice of downloads from over 1600 different templates that can teach your child to:

  • Form the alphabet correctly
  • Form numbers correctly
  • Learn cursive writing
  • Learn to count
  • Learn to spell
  • Learn to draw shapes
  • Learn addition and subtraction
  • Learn division and timetables
  • Learn to tell the time
  • Learn about Australian Money
  • Learn basic phonics
  • Learn the most common words
  • Learn to draw, trace and copy
  • Learn to read music
  • Play games
  • Paint and finger paint
  • Learn to write stories
  • Use any textbook or book over and over again
  • or make your own templates

Save a copy of their work

After your child has completed their work, take the Writeboard to your computer scanner and place it face down and scan it in to their own personal file. You will then get a copy of their work that you can keep for years to come. Note: You can also photocopy or photograph a Writeboard.


Note: The Writeboard kit on this site is licenced for private home use only and they are not transferable. Schools, organisations and businesses require a site licence; please contact Writeboards for your pricing

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