Jolly Grammar Handbook 1

Jolly Grammar Handbook 1


A comprehensive teaching programme for the year after Jolly Phonics by Sara Wernham & Sue Lloyd

Jolly Grammar Handbook 1 is designed to follow The Phonics Handbook and to be used with children in their second year of school. The most dramatic improvements to result from using The Grammar Handbook 1 will be found in students’ writing. Students will spell and punctuate more accurately, use a wider vocabulary, and have a clearer understanding of how language works.

The Grammar Handbook 1 contains:

  • grammar, spelling and punctuation lessons, with a programme of two days per week over the year.
  • revision and extension of Jolly Phonics
  • photocopiable activities
  • actions for the grammar points

The children on the front cover of the book are doing the 'action' for the past tense.
218 pages

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