Funded by the Department for Correctional Services Community Grant

This free intensive literacy program includes the phonics, grammar and punctuation skills included in a standard R-3 syllabus, with texts selected for older students, aged 8 to adult. It can be used on a one-to-one basis or with a group for wave 2 and 3 intervention.

A placement test has been designed to help instructors determine a student’s starting module. You will need to print a record sheet for each student undertaking the program.

Each module has two booklets, an instructor handbook and a student workbook. The Instructor Handbook includes step-by-step instructions. This program is best printed in colour.

Modules 1-15 are free for anyone to use, please share this free resource with anyone who may benefit from using the program.


Placement Activity

Placement Test (for students)

Placement Test (for instructor)

Index (for instructor)

Module 1

Module 1 student

Module 1 instructor

Module 2

Module 2 student

Module 2 instructor

Module 3

Module 3 student

Module 3 instructor

Module 4

Module 4 student

Module 4 instructor

Module 5

Module 5 student

Module 5 instructor

Module 6

Module 6 student

Module 6 instructor

Module 7

Module 7 student

Module 7 instructor

Module 8

Module 8 student

Module 8 instructor

Module 9

Module 9 student

Module 9 instructor

Module 10

Module 10 student

Module 10 instructor

Module 11


Module 11 student

Module 11 instructor


Module 12


Module 12 student

Module 12 instructor

Module 13


Module 13 student

Module 13 instructor

Module 14


Module 14 student

Module 14 instructor

Module 15


Module 15 student

Module 15 instructor

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