SPELD SA wholeheartedly supports the Saver Plus initiative.

To make Saver Plus participants’ savings go further, SPELD SA is offering a 5% discount on all SPELD SA products and services including psycho-educational assessments.

In the case of tutoring, SPELD SA will also pay the 5% difference in fees directly to the tutor. This offer applies to South Australian residents only.

What is the Saver Plus Program?

Saver Plus is a matched savings and financial education program that aims to assist people on lower incomes to strengthen their financial skills and to develop a savings habit. Since 2004, Saver Plus has reached more than 40,000 Australians

Saver Plus is a 10-month program that can assist you to save for your own or your children’s education.  Participants receive: 

  • One dollar for every dollar you save, up to $500
  • Financial skills training through MoneyMinded workshops
  • Personal support and guidance from a trusted community organisation, The Smith Family.

At the end of the program you can use your matched savings for education costs for yourself or your children, such as tablets, laptops, school uniforms, textbooks, excursions, and sports or music fees and equipment.

You may be eligible to join Saver Plus if you or your partner:

  • Be 18 years or over
  • Have a child at school or attend vocational education themselves
  • Have regular income from paid employment (themselves or their partner)
  • Have a current Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card
  • Be in receipt of an eligible Commonwealth social security benefit

Click here to download the Saver Plus Fact Sheet and Community Flyer

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