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The books are grouped in a developing order based on the order of sounds introduced in the Jolly Phonics early literacy program, www.jollylearning.co.uk

Each book is published with suggestions on how parents, tutors and teachers can get the most out of the book.

SPELD SA provides phonic readers free of charge that suit a variety of ages and abilities. Please use these readers at your discretion accounting for your child or children's abilities, ages and needs.

More about the SPELD SA Phonic Books

Videos of Ryan practising reading:

SPELD SA phonic books (online flash version) require the Adobe Flash player to be installed. You may need to wait a moment for the book to load. Navigate each book with the buttons provided at the base of the book or by dragging the corner of each page across. An enlarged view of each page is possible by clicking on the page.

The printable versions of these phonic books have been designed so that once printed, the pages can be folded in half to create an A5 book.

iPads and Tablet PDF are available. Please ensure you have the latest iBook update 2.1 or above, for the names to be listed correctly in iBook. Go to the PDF file for the book you wish to open, click on open with iBook, the book will then be stored in collections under PDF.

If you would like to download a free PDF reader to your computer so that you can turn the pages of each book when you are not online, download the Flipping PDF Reader from here http://webstunning.com/pdf-reader/?/pdf-reader. If you save the iPad/Tablet version of the pdfs to your computer, you can open them in this pdf reader and it acts like a book where you can turn the pages.Note: The Flipping PDF Reader program is downloaded in a zipped file as it is a large file, so you will need to extract it before you install it.

There are currently 199 Free SPELD SA Phonic Books available. New books are loaded regularly, so please visit again soon. If you have enjoyed these books you may wish to make a donation so that we can publish more.

We have also started uploading worksheets to complement the books. There are currently 158 free sets of worksheets loaded.

To navigate a set of phonic books, click on the picture that represents the set you wish to use.

Printing the SPELD SA Phonic Books

If you want to print a hard copy of the books, make sure to check the printer properties of your printer: select to print on both sides, and look for a choice between “flip on long edge" and "flip on short edge". Tick the "flip on short edge" box.

If you use Internet Explorer to view the SPELD SA Phonic books and select to print, you may get a dialog box that gives you an option to Print on Both sides; it then gives an extra option where you can select to Flip on Short Edge.

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, when you select to print, you should be able to select to Print Using System Dialog, and then from there, click on Preferences, and you can select “2-sided Printing”, and you may then be able to click on tab “Layout” and select Binding Position as “Top Bind”. 

The type of Printer dialogue box you get depends on the browser you are using, the printer you have, and also what operating system you are on. Generally, you should be given an option that sounds something like Flip on Short Edge, or Short Edge binding, etc.

Set 1-15 Sequence of Sounds

  • Words in Sets 1-7 texts include one way of spelling the 42 main sounds of English.
  • Set 8, 9 and 10 texts include alternative spellings for the vowel sounds and consonants in sets 1-7.
  • Sets 11-15 texts include less common alternative spellings for vowel sounds and consonants; silent letters and word endings.

SET 1: (currently 16 books + 16 worksheets)


new sounds

s, a, t, p, i, n

SET 2: (currently 17 books + 17 worksheets)

uses sounds from set 1

new sounds

c, k, ck, e, h, r, m, d

SET 3: (25 books + 25 worksheets)

uses sounds from set 1 - 2

new sounds

g, o, u, l, f, b

SET 4: (currently 20 books + 20 worksheets)

uses sounds from set 1 - 3

new sounds

ai, j, oa, ie, ee, or

SET 5: (currently 15 books + 15 worksheets)

uses sounds from set 1 - 4

new sounds

z, w, ng, v, oo(book), oo(room)

SET 6: (currently 13 books + 12 worksheets)

uses sounds from set 1 - 5

new sounds

y, x, ch, sh, th(think),th(that)

SET 7: (currently 14 books + 14 worksheets)

uses sounds from set 1 - 6

new sounds

 qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar

SET 7 Ned Series: (10 books + 10 worksheets)

Recommended for readers aged 16+

uses sounds from set 1 - 6

new sounds

qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar

SET 8: (currently 8 books + 8 worksheets)

uses sounds from set 1 - 7

new sounds

y/ee/, a-e(long a), e-e(long e), i-e(long i), o-e(long o), u-e(long u)

SET 9: (currently 10 books + 10 worksheets)

uses sounds from set 1 - 8

new sounds

ay,ey/ai/, oy/oi/, y(by) , y(gym), ea(dream), igh/ie/, ie(chief)

SET 10: (currently 16 books + 12 worksheets)

uses sounds from set 1 - 9

new sounds

oe,ow/oa/, ow/ou/, ir,ur/er/, ew(few), au,aw,al/or/

SET 11: (currently 12 books)

uses sounds from set 1 - 10

new sounds

ph, soft c(mice)soft g(cage)silent b(lamb), silent w(write), silent k(know), air(fair)are(care), ear(pear)

SET 12: (currently 5 books + 1 worksheet)

uses sounds from set 1 - 11

new sounds

wh, ea/e/ wa(was), wor(work),

war(ward), ou(country)

SET 13: (currently 7 books)

revisited sounds from set 1 - 12

new sounds

ch(chemist), silent h (ghost), silent c(scissors), silent n(autumn), ti,ci/sh/(station, special), si/sh/ (pension)/zh/(television), ei,eigh,aigh/ai/

SET 14: (currently 7 books)

uses sounds from set 1 - 13

new sounds

o/u/, ture(picture),
oor(door),ore(more),oar(roar), tch(match), dgebridge)

SET 15: (currently 5 books)

 The Tank Man Cover

revisited sounds from set 1 - 14

new sounds

s(has), se(revise),ze(size), ear(fear),eer(beer),ere(here), gn(gnome), gh(cough)



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