SPELD SA Math Bytes

SPELD SA Math Bytes are a range of free strategy sheets and games to help students struggling in different areas of maths.

Strategy sheets can be laminated or placed in a strategy folder for students. To find out more about strategy folders see SPELD SA Clever Byte #3.

SPELD SA Math Byte #1: Number Process Chart

SPELD SA Math Byte #2: Hundred Chart and Numberline

See Denise Gaskin's 30+ things to do with a Hundred Chart

SPELD SA Math Byte #3: Surefind Tables Chart

Instructions for sure find multiplication chart

To multiply

Times a yellow square against a red square with the blue square being the answer.

Using 6x3 as an example 6(yellow square) times 3(red square) equals 18(blue square)

To divide

Divide a blue square against a yellow square with the red square being the answer.

E.g. 18(blue square) divided by 6(yellow square) equal 3(red square)

You may also choose the combination of dividing a blue square against a red square with the yellow square being the answer.

The square root of each number runs down the middle line with 5 being the square of 25 6 being the square of 36 etc.

SPELD SA Math Byte #4: 12 and 24 Hour Time Chart

SPELD SA Math Byte #5: Dot Cards (red dot cards), (blue dot cards)

To create a set of Dot cards you will need to print, laminate and cut out 2 sets of red cards and two sets of blue cards.

The following resources are provided to get you started with using Dot Cards

Dot Card math games that develop an understanding of number

Rounding Off Big Time record sheet

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