Educational Consultations are offered as a service to parents of children who are struggling at school and adults concerned about their own learning difficulties. Adults and children do not need to have been diagnosed with a learning difficulty. Our specialist teaching staff offer a one hour session to discuss concerns about difficulties with learning and offer strategies, information and advice.

No written follow-up report is given, however parents are encouraged to make notes during the session and they will receive any relevant handouts. Educational consultations can be helpful after a psychological assessment to go through practical ways of addressing suggestions outlined in the psychological report. Consultations can also be helpful prior to booking an assessment to offer advice and strategies when there are gaps in learning or when a child is too young to be diagnosed for dyslexia.


Cost: $75 Member; $100 non-member for 1 hour session


Ring the office on 8431 1655 to make an appointment.

 Please mention:

  • your contact details
  • your child’s age and school
  • your concerns
  • any assessments your child has had

Parents are asked to send copies of any reports prior to the appointment.

What to bring to the appointment

Samples of the student’s school work

Notebook/pen/iPad (for software consultations)


Sandy Russo - Director of SPELD SA, R-7 teacher, lecturer, software advisor

  • Consultation for parent AND  student
  • Primary aged students (grade 4-7)
  • High school students (grades 8-12)
  • Adults (18+)
  • Assistive technologies
  • Study strategies
  • Advice for support for students at home and school
    • What is dyslexia?
    • What is dyscalculia?
    • What is dysgraphia?
    • What is dyspraxia?
    • What is a Specific Learning Difficulty (SLD)?
  • You will receive any relevant handouts to help guide you through how to use recommended strategies and programs to use with your child and to give teachers.

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