SPELD SA - Tutors Needed

SPELD SA needs more tutors! (selection criteria apply)

Are you a registered teacher or allied health professional with at least two years’ experience supporting children with literacy and/or numeracy acquisition? 

Do you have a passion to help students learn to read and write? 

If you answered yes, please see our application form below to consider if you meet the requirements to become registered as a SPELD SA tutor.


SPELD SA is a non-profit organisation that supports and assists children and adults with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia.  Over the years SPELD SA registered tutors have played a vital role in assisting children and adults with specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia. A good teacher, using specialised teaching methods, can make a significant impact on a student’s success and self-confidence.


Tutors on the SPELD SA register have current SA teacher registration or other relevant qualifications, and a minimum of two years’ experience supporting children with literacy and/or numeracy acquisition. In addition, they have received specialist training through SPELD SA in the methods of teaching children and adults with specific learning difficulties. Tutors create individual programs and lessons to meet their students’ needs.


Tutoring usually takes place in the student's home or in your own home or office. In some cases, the child’s school may agree for tutoring to take place onsite. In this process an agreement is negotiated by the family and school and a specific day and time is agreed upon. The family then negotiates with the tutor.


The hourly rate for a tutor is $75 (GST Inc) from January 2020. This is a private contractual agreement between the tutor and the student's family. Fees are payable on the day of tutoring by the parent or student or payment may be made in advance if this is more convenient.


Tutors set homework designed to consolidate the work done during the tutorial session. This usually involves 10 to 15 minutes’ practice, for example, in reading, phonics or spelling 3-4 times a week.

Reporting and Feedback

Tutors are encouraged to discuss the student's progress on a regular basis, either after the lesson, if time and circumstances permit, or by telephone. Tutors provide a written report twice yearly.


Initially, as you join the tutor register, you will be required to complete 28 hours of professional learning (Sounds~Write 4-days, Getting Started as a Tutor and Introduction to Dyslexia 4hrs). The Sounds~Write component may be waived for applicants who can demonstrate equivalent training and experience in an evidence-based synthetic phonics program. To keep tutors up-to-date with current teaching practices, we offer reduced fees to all of our listed workshops. SPELD SA tutors must complete 8 hours of certified relevant professional learning each year to remain on the register.

Why become a SPELD SA tutor?

Here are 5 possible reasons:

  • Being part of a professional organisation
  • Empowering struggling students and the reward of seeing their progression
  • Group insurance (Public Liability)
  • Networking, mentoring and access to our resources
  • Tutoring is flexible! Times to suit, locations to suit


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