The Macquarie Online Test Interface (MOTIf): an online platform for the administration and scoring of cognitive tests developed at Macquarie University.

The tests include;

CC2 – Tests different processes in single-word reading
TERC – Everyday comprehension tests
DiSTs - Diagnostic spelling test for sounds
DiSTn – Diagnostic spelling test for non-words
DiSTi – Diagnostic spelling test for irregular words
LIDT – Letter identification test
LeST – Letter sound test
DiRT – Diagnostic reading test for non-words
TOC – Tests written word recognition
LetPos – Letter Position test
TOWRE – Australian primary school norms for the TOWRE


The Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) are a set of procedures and measures for assessing the acquisition of early literacy skills from kindergarten through sixth grade. They are designed to be short (one minute) fluency measures used to regularly monitor the development of early literacy and early reading skills.

The DIBELS assessment materials are designed to focus on the the five BIG IDEAS of early literacy:
• Phonemic Awareness
• Alphabetic Principle
• Accuracy and Fluency with text
• Vocabulary
• Comprehension
The DIBELS assessments have been researched and validated specifically for benchmark testing in kindergarten through sixth grade and are free to download.

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