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SPELD SA provides links to organisations and web sites which we think are useful. However, we have no control over the content or accuracy of the information on these websites. If you know of a website you believe should be included or find a broken link please drop us a line with the web site address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks to Anne Bayetto for sharing her collection of links.



Worksheet/Flash Card Generator

  • Worksheet Genius - Create your own flashcards for free. You can change font size and styles (includes Sassoon fonts).
  • Quizlet - Allows you to generate cards that can be used within games and quizzes to help you memorize information, great for test preparation

Sight Words

  • Oxford Wordlist Two lists consisting of a mix of the most commonly used words in Australian English. Contains decodable and tricky words.

Vocabulary and Speech

  • Home Speech - A mix of information, ideas, word lists, activities and app suggestions to help with articulation and vocabulary building for students with speech and language disorders. 
  • Academic Word List - Exercises to assist older students and ESL students to develop their academic vocabulary

Cross Curriculum



To make your own worksheets, dotted fonts can be downloaded free from

Download the font to suit your computer platform and save it in your c drive. You will need to unzip the folder before installing. 

In windows go to control panel/fonts/file/install font and choose the font you wish to install. Two examples follow: 

E-Books and Audiobooks




Typing Tutors


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Visual Search Engine

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