SPELD SA Objectives

The objectives for which the Association is established are:

a) To advance the education and general welfare of children and others who are disadvantaged by learning disabilities.

b) To promote a general awareness and an understanding of the problems and needs of children and others with learning disabilities and thereby to assist them to obtain specialised diagnosis and treatment so that their disabilities maybe addressed as early as possible.

c) To provide special courses for teachers, other professionals and   parents responsible for the education, development and care of children and others who are disadvantaged by learning disabilities.

d) To advocate for children and adults with learning disabilities within the fields of education and employment and the broader community.

e) To adopt such measures and take such steps and do all such things as may, in the opinion of the Association, be conducive to the promotion of cordial relations between the Association and kindred associations or persons (nationally or internationally) interested in any aspect of learning disabilities.

f) To establish, subscribe or donate to, promote, become a member of, support, or co-operate or amalgamate with any kindred association or body (whether incorporated or not) whose objectives are altogether or in part similar to and not contrary to those of this Association.

g) To do all such lawful things as the Association may think incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objectives of the Association.

h) To raise funds in such a manner as the Council may see fit for the carrying out of the objectives of this Association.

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